Your IT Team's Ultimate GenAI Solution

Catered to IT Managers, DevOps, and SREs, Onepane offers the ultimate GenAI solution providing
unparalleled unified insights and control over your Cloud resources

Root Cause Analysis

Enhanced by resource details, change histories, and incident correlations from monitoring and APM tools, Onepane's GenAI facilitates rapid RCA completion through seamless chat interactions

Performance and Cost insights

Retrieve and visualize your performance, utilization, and cost insights via chat without the need for complex query languages or dashboards. Enjoy effortless report generation

Audit and Track your Environment

Analyze and monitor changes and events across your cloud and DevOps environments. Access deployment details, restarts, and code changes conveniently through a single chat interface

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Onepane delivers expertly curated solutions designed to assist customers on their journey through root cause analysis and cloud governance. These tailored offerings simplify complex processes, ensuring a more streamlined and effective management of IT operations.

Root Cause Analysis

Onepane's automated RCA seamlessly correlates changes from DevOps tools with alerts, events, and logs from your APM and Cloud, providing you with the essential information needed to pinpoint the root cause. This approach eliminating the need to navigate between multiple tools and simplifying the entire process

Service Map

Onepane's Service Map displays dynamic relationships between cloud resources and applications, offering aggregated performance and change data. Onepane Provides a comprehensive view of your resources and Ensures effective troubleshooting, ultimately enhancing the reliability and performance of your infrastructure

Service Catalog

Onepane's Service Catalog simplifies resource management by providing a centralized hub to catalog and organize cloud services. With detailed service descriptions and usage insights, it enables users to efficiently track, optimize, and control their cloud resources. This enhances resource governance and ensures optimal utilization.

Our Integrations

Our Integrations

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Our Integrations
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