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Resource Optimization

OnePane enhances cloud efficiency by analyzing resource utilization, understanding usage, performance, and costs. It assists customers in optimizing their cloud with the right resources


Use Cases
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Introduction to Cloud Resource

Gain dynamic cost insights by owner, project, or team. Identify underutilized or abandoned resources. Slice and dice your cloud to see precisely where funds are allocated

Service wise resource utlisation

OnePane offers insights into resource utilization for specific services, enabling budget setting and cost tracking. It consolidates performance and system health by business service, offering business owners and managers enhanced insights

Owner wise resource utlization

OnePane monitors resource utilization by owner and team, identifying which groups use resources more and the performance and cost implications. This tracking ensures resources are optimized and accounted for

onepane-Owner wise resource utlization
 onepane- Owner wise resource utlization

Why Cloud Resource Optimization

The cloud's dynamic and user-friendly nature often leads to misconfigurations, improper sizing, or unnecessary scaling. These issues can cause increased costs, performance bottlenecks, and management difficulties. This is why organizations need to adopt a cloud optimization strategy. OnePane offers a framework to address these challenges effectively

Scaling up is not always the solution

It's common for teams to scale up resources when they receive compute or memory utilization warnings from APM or Monitoring tools. However, this leads to repeated scaling without addressing the root cause, resulting in continuous resource utilization growth. A cloud resource optimization strategy is essential to prevent such scenarios.

Real-World Applications of CloudResource Optimization

Learn about optimizing cloud resources and the common best practices to follow for maximum efficiency.

onepane-Scenario for SREs
onepane-Scenario for SREs
Scenario for SREs

Optimizing Incident Response Times

Scenario for DevOpsScenario for DevOps
Scenario for DevOps

Streamlining Continuous Integration and Deployment

Scenario for Engineering Directorsonepane-Scenario for Engineering Directors
Scenario for Engineering Directors

Strategic Planning and Resource Allocation

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