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Introduction to OnepaneService Catalog

The Onepane Service Catalogue is a cutting-edge tool designed to unify and simplify the management of your IT services. By collecting and correlating data from cloud resources, monitoring systems, DevOps practices, and APM tools, it offers a comprehensive view of your IT environment. This powerful module not only centralizes information but also provides actionable insights into performance, cost, and accountability of each service.

Discover the Power of OnepaneService Catalog

OnePane's service catalog goes beyond a cloud directory, unifying and correlating data in real-time, equipped with features operations teams need

Dynamic Map
Dynamic Map

Unified Data Aggregation

Consolidate Your IT Data Landscape
Multi-Tiered Map
Multi-Tiered Map

Automated Correlation and Analysis

intelligent Insights at Your Fingertips

Advanced Root Cause Identification

Monitor, Measure, and Manage with Precision

Cost Management and Optimization

Streamline Your IT Spending

Transform Your IT Operations with Onepane Service Catalog

Discover how OnePane assists operations teams daily by aiding in crucial areas such as decision-making and cost control.

onepane-Comprehensive Visibility
onepane-Comprehensive Visibility
Comprehensive Visibility
All Your IT Services, One Dashboard
Enhanced Decision-Making
Data-Driven Decisions for Smarter IT Management
Operational Efficiency
Streamline Operations and Boost Productivity
Cost Control and Optimization
Optimize Costs without Compromising Performance

Onepane Service Catalogue in Real-World Scenarios

Discover how OnePane is the perfect fit for your role

onepane-Scenario for SREs
onepane-Scenario for SREs

Scenario for SREs

Achieving Operational Excellence in Service Reliability

Scenario for DevOpsScenario for DevOps

Scenario for DevOps

Accelerating DevOps Cycles with Integrated Insights

Scenario for Engineering Directorsonepane-Scenario for Engineering Directors
Scenario for Engineering Directors

Strategic Resource Management and Planning

Integration and compatibility

We support your preferred DevOps, Monitoring, and Cloud tools through effortless guided integration, connecting to your environment in minutes

onepne-Owner wise resource utlization
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