Ensure Your Cloud Complies with Best Practices by
Auditing or Enforcing Them.

Cloud governance and compliance become challenging to maintain as your cloud environment grows. OnePane periodically evaluates your resources, identifying potential compliance issues and suggesting fixes. It also uncovers missed opportunities and optimizations.


Use Cases
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Cloud Governance done easily

A crucial step in making your cloud compliance-ready is neatly organizing your cloud resources for easy analysis. OnePane assists in organizing your cloud effectively with best practices to achieve compliance.

Organize your cloud

The first step in organizing your cloud involves properly naming and tagging your resources, then grouping them by ownerships, projects, cost centers, and more. OnePane addresses this as a foundational step, aiding in maintaining compliance on top of this.

Designed to enhance both legacy and modern infrastructures

It's relatively easier to track new resources with best practices, but managing existing resources and applications poses a challenge. OnePane also offers support for legacy environments, providing a step-by-step method to bring them under the same compliance umbrella.

onepane-Owner wise resource utlization
 onepane- Owner wise resource utlization

Why Cloud Resource Optimization

The cloud's dynamic and user-friendly nature often leads to misconfigurations, improper sizing, or unnecessary scaling. These issues can cause increased costs, performance bottlenecks, and management difficulties. This is why organizations need to adopt a cloud optimization strategy. OnePane offers a framework to address these challenges effectively

Scaling up is not always the solution

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Real-World Applications of CloudResource Optimization

Learn about optimizing cloud resources and the common best practices to follow for maximum efficiency.

onepane-Scenario for SREs
onepane-Scenario for SREs
Scenario for SREs

Optimizing Incident Response Times

Scenario for DevOpsScenario for DevOps
Scenario for DevOps

Streamlining Continuous Integration and Deployment

Scenario for Engineering Directorsonepane-Scenario for Engineering Directors
Scenario for Engineering Directors

Strategic Planning and Resource Allocation

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