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Key Features of Onepane Service Map

Discover key features of OnePane's service map and how it leverages your cloud, DevOps, and monitoring data

Dynamic Map
Dynamic Map

Dynamic Map

Continually updates service map with Cloud, DevOps, and Monitoring data
Multi-Tiered Map
Multi-Tiered Map

Multi-Tiered Map

Unique multi-layered map: Host, Server, Application for simplified navigation

Track Changes

Displays incidents and changes in components for impact awareness

Search Components

Enables quick search and location of components on the service map

How Onepane service map benefits
your IT operations

Explore the benefits of OnePane's service map for IT operations teams and what it actually accomplishes

Increased Visibility
Delve into deeper visibility of services, understanding the intricacies and interdependencies within your IT ecosystem
Enhanced Collaboration
Promote effective teamwork by providing a shared, clear view of service maps, facilitating better communication and collaborative problem-solving
Improved Decision Making
Empower decision-makers with detailed, up-to-date information, enabling more strategic and informed choices for IT management
Faster Issue Resolution
Expedite the process of identifying and resolving IT issues, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing downtime

Integration and compatibility

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Onepane Automated RCA in Action

Every operations professional needs a service map to understand the where and
how of impacts. Discover how it specifically aids your role

onepane-Scenario for SREs
onepane-Scenario for SREs
Scenario for SREs

Optimizing Incident Response Times

Scenario for DevOpsScenario for DevOps
Scenario for DevOps

Streamlining Continuous Integration and Deployment

Scenario for Engineering Directorsonepane-Scenario for Engineering Directors
Scenario for Engineering Directors

Strategic Planning and Resource Allocation

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